With CNC turning, we manufacture highly complex components with up to four axes.

Our turning machines process materials such as tool steel, aluminium, stainless steel, titanium alloys or plastic. CNC turning machines are equipped with driven tools and various standard equipment.Computer-aided machines can also be used to produce complex contours in a short time.

Computer-aided machines can also be used to produce complex contours in a short time.


  • Classic turning diameter 500 mm length 2000 mm
  • CNC turning diameter 400 mm length 1000 mm


With our 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis machine tools, we perform complex milling jobs for you on either a single part or a small batch. In order to be able to meet the ever-increasing quality requirements, we constantly invest in the latest production technologies. Simultaneous milling on our 5-axic machines enables a large number of shapes and surfaces.

All options are available to the customer thanks to programming directly on the machine and through our CAM system.


  • Classic milling X1600 mm Y800 mm
  • CNC milling X2200 mm Y1000 mm


Grinding allows us to manufacture with the precision of less than 0.01 mm.

In this way, even the hardest materials, such as hardened steels, can be processed safely and economically with high dimensional and design accuracy, as well as optimally treated surface roughness, which is why grinding has become an integral part of technology in many production processes.


  • Circular grinding diameter 300 mm length 1000 mm
  • Surface grinding X500 mm Y1000 mm

The rest

We also offer the following services:

  • slotting
  • sandblasting
  • laser engraving
  • sub-assembly ...